Helpful Hints

Choosing the right person to inspect the property 

Always use a suitably qualified person (such as a licensed builder) to provide a professional building inspection report of the property you are thinking of buying. These professions should see through any cosmetic improvements covering up faults that might otherwise be missed by an untrained eye.

A professional person will ensure that the format and content of the report complies with the relevant Australian Standard.

Ensure that the person you choose has adequate insurance cover, particularly for professional indemnity.



5 reasons why it is a wise move to get a pre-purchase building inspection:

1. Get an unbiased opinion

2. Avoid structural faults

3. Know what you need to repair so you can plan ahead in your budget

4. Ensure government compliance

5. Negotiate to have repairs performed before buying your property



A building inspection conducted by Before U Buy Property Inspections a tax deduction?

The cost of a building inspection conducted by Before U Buy Property Inspections represents just a tiny fraction of the cost of your property purchase and can be a fully tax deductible expense in some circumstances; consider that a pre-purchase inspection can save you money.


Be aware. Put a pre-purchase inspection on the list

Mildura Midweek 

It was interesting to read the article titled Be aware – Put a pre-purchase inspection on the list in the Mildura Midweek newspaper on June 7th 2011.  What a well informed piece of journalism outlining the undeniable benefits of obtaining a detailed building inspection report before outlaying huge amounts of money on a property that could be riddled with defects that are not apparent to the untrained eye.  In the article Building Commissioner Tony Arnel highlighted that a pre-purchase inspection can save a great deal of heartache in the future; “Once you have decided that you’ve found your ideal home, it’s worth considering a pre-purchase inspection” Mr Arnel said.  ”It comes at a cost but it can save potential homeowners from nasty surprises down the track”.  Mr Arnel said the inspection should review the entire property from top to bottom, including the roof space, if it’s accessible.  ”Sheds, fences and drainage should all be checked to provide a comprehensive report on the property and let you know any problems that might exist and what needs to be done to rectify them” he said.  ”When it comes to problems, many cracks, rising damp issues and structural wear and tear can be hidden by a fresh plaster and paint job.  That’s why potential home buyers should have a pre-purchase inspection if they are serious about bidding at auction or purchasing privately.  Investing time and money in a pre-inspection of a home before you buy could save you much time, money and anguish.  Importantly it will help ensure your ideal home is what you expected”.  Mr Arnel was quoted.


Prior to signing the contract of sale you may have an expert in the building industy inspect the property thoroughly and supply you with a written report.

Sunraysia Daily 

Tony Roccisano from Professionals Real Estate provides his expertise on obtaining a building inspection prior to signing the contract of sale.  In this Question and Answer excerpt, Tony advises that an expert in the building industry inspect the property thoroughly and supply you with a written report on the condition of the property. Alternatively, Tony suggests you may (subject to the vendors approval) choose to purchase the property with a special condition included in the contract of sale. This condition would specify that a building inspection be conducted by a registered builder and a satisfactory report obtained prior to the sale becoming unconditional.


Why do I need a Building Inspection?

There are three good reasons why you should get a building inspection report done before you buy a property:

  1. so you will know in advance what the problems are
  2. so you can use the information to try and negotiate a lower price for the property i.e. you may have to pay to repair some of the problems
  3. so you can get specialist advice about any major problems and how they will affect the property over time.



At Before U Buy Property Inspections we will meet all these pre-purchase criteria and more. For your piece of mind contact us to organise your pre-purchase building inspection today.